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According to American Red Cross,when fire starts at home ,you may only have as littel as  2minutes to escape,that's for you as individual not to talk about trying to cause your  little children who cannot do anything except you assisting them to escape and to compound the issue , if you also have aged parent at home with you, that's additional burden, before you and the rest of the family could escape, the unexpected might have happened.

Apart from the lives that are involed in the house , what of your valuable properties  ,some of these properties are things you have worked for over the years to acquire, you will not want to loss them to inferno in one day.

Do you know that according to reports, thousands of lives are being lost yearly to fire incident while properties worth  billions of dollars are being destroyed yearly.

You  as individual,you will not want to fall victim of fire incident ,the aftermath of inferno is highly disheartening ,injury sustained most of the time leaves a permanent scar on the body, the person completely disfigured.

Some of the times , the fire incident would have been prevented if simple safety precautions were practised  or put in place. 

Knowing these safety tips are not enough but ensure you practise them and your entire household do the same because you don't know who will be at home when fire outbreak is about to occur.


1) Installation of smoke alarm 

Ensure that at every level of your home you install smoke alarm that is;  in kitchen, bedroom, sitting room, passage, outside,I mean everywhere,you cannot say where the fire will start from and if you are able to install them everywhere ,you are so sure you will be notified on time and timely intervention will be a good advantage, losing nothing.That will be great you know!

2) Monthly testing of Smoke alarm

Don't just install it and forget about it ,it's very easy  to forget about it because you don't use it as it were everyday,more that 10years ,it may not really alarm you for smoke and tendency to forget about it is high, hence you must take deliberate effort to test whether it's functioning in every month and change the batteries if need be.

3) In case of fire at home ,first thing to do is to find  the emergency exit  and dash out ,stay outside and call for help immediately. On no occasion should you  go back into your house in case of fire incident.This is wisdom friends.

4) Make it a practice in your house for everybody to know the escape plan in case of fire incident at home and practise it regularly so that everyone can be acquitted with it

5) Check the electrical system of your home,sometimes you may need an expert or professional to do a thorough check on the electrical system of your home.

Things to look for when checking the electrical system; 

- Any wiring that has been eaten by insect or rodent should  be replaced.

- Circuit breakers that trip off frequently and fuse that blows off often ,it could a sign of overloading or a faulty wiring ,change them.

- Overloaded circuit breaker or fuses,some circuit boxes and are just for a single circuit protection but sometimes some people put more than one wire on what is supposed to be single circuit protection.If noticed ,correct it

-Intermittent power surge which the cause supposed to be external  (from outside the home) can also be as a result of wrong connection in the home,check all connections to see that everything is correctly done.

-  Check for corrosion, thermal damage ,damaged wire insulation of the individual breaker connection expecially for the panel doors that are outside.


Many homes have been burnt due to faulty gas system in the home,this can be prevented if  there is frequent check for faults in gas system in the home.

Things to check for in gas system include :

- All the gas pipes ,regulators ,valves should be checked expecially by the professional for leakages 

- If there is any automatic ignition system,check if they are properly installed and functional without fault, clean any dust built up that can interfere.

- Check all the vent that are stacked to the gas cloth dryer,Furnace and all gas using equipment at home.


- If you are using heaters of any kind at home, you must be very careful with them,they should be used far away from inflammable materials such as curtains 

- You should place your heaters where people don't normally go to ,it could just be in a corner in the room,kitchen etc  wherever it's being used. Low foot traffic place.

- On no occasion should you use extension wires or cord for your heaters and even for air-conditionals

- Ensure your space heaters are placed on a very solid or firm surface ,not on table or chair where people can easily collide with it .

- Don't you ever want to drape your fabrics by placing them on lamp while it's still on , rather put it off before doing so.


- Ensure you always check for cracks in your fire box or any damaged sheet metals which are being inserted to pack ash

-Your fire box must be closed using glass wire door or wire mesh spark screen to protect against ember from coming out of the box 

- Ash and unscorched wood should be removed from the fire box when there are embers or sparks in the firebox.

9) Every inflammable liquids should be far from fire ignition source in the home.Containers of these liquid if possible should be kept outside the house

10) It's dangerous to use extension cords over a long period of time ,these cords get damaged through foot traffic, furniture and other objects in the house that come in contact with it,these can result in sparks and fire out break.


- If you are cooking with gas cooker,ensure you are always around the kitchen, don't turn it on and go away ,you may not know if something goes wrong.

-Always have a lid with you whenever you are cooking with oil (frying ),if fire appears, quickly use the lid to cover it and suffocate it,turn off your cooker immediately.

Caution: Don't ever use water to quench the fire ,it can explode on you as superheated water explode into hot  steam which can cause a severe burn and oil can spread it which will cause the fire to spread also.

-Stay way from cooking if you just drunk alcohol, or tired or took drug,just find something else to eat and sleep,you can go back to kitchen after you have woken up.This is to avoid sleeping off while the food is on cooker

- All cloths or rags used in kitchen must be kept away from fire source to prevent them falling into the flame

- Becareful  of all decorations that involve open flames such as candles ,oil lamp etc. If possible cover them with wire cage to prevent cloth of inflammable materials from falling on them.

- When you lit a match,quickly put it under water to completely extinguish any invisible flame that can cause fire in the trash can. 

-All heaters must be turned off before leaving home

-Always use recommended chargers for your appliances including phone and ensure you unplug when charged

-After using pressing iron,hair straighteners etc,unplug them from the socket  ,don't just switch them off or the socket off.

- Install lightning protection system in your home expecially if you are living in place where there is frequent lightning

- You will be doing yourself a lot of good by installing home sprinkler which is capable of extinguishing fire whether you are at home or  away.

- Very important to constantly instruct your children not to play with matches or lighter .It's good to keep them away from children. 

-Don't forget to keep fire extinguisher at home and know how to use it and teach everybody on how to use it

Finally, never give non - professionals to install your electrical system ,it can be dangerous.


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